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Medical Professional Liability policies written by J. M. Woodworth Risk Retention Group, Inc. are offered on either Claims Made or Paid Claims forms. With a Claims Made policy form, coverage will respond to incidents arising on or after the policy retroactive date  and which are reported during the term of the policy. Under a Paid Claims policy form, the liability for the indemnity shifts to the insurers when the claim is paid rather than reported or at the time of the occurrence. This allows premiums to be set on the basis of actual costs when incidents are incurred instead of reserved estimates.

Managed By Industry Leaders.

J. M. Woodworth provides professional risk management services to help prevent claims. When claims do arise, J. M. Woodworth retains aggressive, top-rated medical malpractice attorneys to defend our policyholders.

All Business Done Through Independent Agents. J. M. Woodworth was formed in partnership with Paris-Kirwan Associates, Inc., Rochester, NY, a leading provider of insurance to the healthcare industry. J. M. Woodworth RRG, Inc. works through independent insurance agents who have been appointed by the Company.

What Sets Us Apart. J. M. Woodworth provides competitive, reliable liability insurance.

Our Inspiration - Dr. Woodworth. We named our medical malpractice Risk Retention Group after Dr. John Maynard Woodworth. Dr. Maynard served as the first Supervising Surgeon General under U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant. He later became the first Surgeon General of the United States, founded the American Public Health Association, and is credited with being the creator of triage medicine.

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